Terms & Conditions (sweet cart)

  • *** Sweet Cart Terms & Conditions ***


Our sweet cart will be equipped with appropriate jars, tongs and scoops for your event. It will be set up before your event and collected at the end or during the evening of your event, depending on the timings (time for set up/collection will be discussed when booking).

Nuts and Allergies

Some of our sweets may contain nuts or have come into contact with nuts. We cannot be held responsible for any allergies or issues resulting from nuts or other products that are eaten and/or come in contact with. Some jelly sweets are not suitable for vegetarians and are not Kosher or Halal as they contain gelatin derived from pork or beef.

Safety and Children

Young children must be supervised at all times to avoid any accidents around the sweet cart and to avoid choking on sweets or wrappers. If you have a lot of children at your event we would advise that you hire us to have someone attend your event or have someone at your event to stand with the sweet cart. We cannot be held responsible for any safety issues or accidents from the use of our sweet cart, equipment or regarding the consumption of our sweets.

Booking Deposits and Payments 

A non-refundable fee of £50 is due when booking your event to secure your date. The £50 will be deducted off your sweet cart balance and the balance will be due 3 weeks prior to your event. This can be paid via bank transfer, PayPal, cheque or card over the phone. We cannot hold the date of your event or secure your booking without the deposit. Failure to make either payments on time could result in your booking being cancelled.

If you need to amend your booking or change the package, please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we can change your sweet cart package but will do our best to alter it if enough notice is given. If you need to change the date or venue of your event, we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee we will be available on the new date. Extra mileage may be charged depending on the new location.

If you need to cancel your booking at any stage between your deposit and the date of your event you will not receive your deposit back as this is non refundable or transferable. If you were to cancel your booking 3 weeks or less before the date of your event, you will not be entitled to a refund.

If we cannot for-fill this agreement due to fire, act of god, illness or other beyond our control we shall return any fees that have been paid (including your deposit), but will have no further liability with respect to the agreement. We will do our best to find you another sweet cart for your event if required.


You will be responsible for any breakages or missing items and may be invoiced for anything that needs to be replaced. When hiring the sweet cart you will agree to make all reasonable effort to ensure that the items provided are not damaged or misused during the period of hire. You will make sure no items on the sweet cart are disposed of and are kept and returned in good condition. If we are attending your private premises, please make sure the sweet cart is not near any heat. Our sweet cart is for indoor use only unless agreed otherwise.